We are delighted to have secured funding through Sport Ireland to run our #BeActive EXPO.

Our #BeActive EXPO will be showcasing all the wonderful Sporting and Physical Activity opportunities, available throughout Clare. This FREE event will take place in Treacy’s West County Hotel in Ennis on Saturday September 29th from 6pm – 10pm.

The event is being hosted in a bid to raise awareness and provide opportunities for individuals of all ages and abilities to experience different sports. It will also give clubs/organisations/groups an opportunity to showcase activities/ programmes they have on offer. From 6pm-8pm the mass #BeActive Expo will be very much a ‘come & try’ experience with attendees getting a first hand practical taste of sporting activities. Attendees will be able to try some of the less common activities including archery, balance surfing, mobile climbing wall, yoga, gymnastics, bokwa, dance, golf, martial arts, weightlifting, triathlon, older adults activities, wheelchair basketball etc. with special prizes and introductory offers from the clubs/organisations involved. Keynote speakers will talk on the benefits of physical activity for mental health & also the importance of participation and ‘finding an activity you enjoy’. An onsite DJ will help to set the atmosphere while face-painting will be available also.

Additional fun elements to the Expo will include; 

‘ARTY BIKES’ 4 bike powered spin art stations will have adults cycling to cause a drum to spin while children as young as 3 squirt a variety of paint colours onto paper fixed inside the drum. The spinning motion creates a unique piece of artwork which the children can bring home

 ‘VÉLOCITY’ A visual and exciting 4 bike power challenge where bikes are colour coordinated with a matching LED light tower and cyclists go head to head pedaling as fast as they can to light up their tower. The challenge is suitable for all users from children over 8 up to seasoned cyclists.

From 8pm – 10pm the event will conclude with a ‘PEDAL POWERED CINEMA’. This will be anchored by club cyclists but supplemented by the general non-cycling public to encourage participation. A “team” of 8 cyclists pedaling continuously will provide all the power necessary to run the family movie and the “team” will rotate every 10-15 mins.  During this time people can also opt to use an array of stationary physical activity equipment such as; spinning bikes, cross trainers, steppers, stability balls, or participate in silent yoga whilst watching the film.