Keep Active at home during the COVID-19 Emergency. Scroll down the page to find what suits you and your family.

Active Storytime by Marian Rodgers Active Storytime’ with Buddy the dog, has been piloted in 6 Clare primary schools this year, with great feedback. During this difficult time, we now want to let Buddy into your homes! We asked on social media if you would like to meet Buddy and you said absolutely, after all, he’s a humans best friend!  Be sure to modify activities if your friend has a disability. An example would be where buddy crawls, just wheel around the room! Woof, woof!!

Step 1: Download and print the stories from HERE

Step 2: Watch the video below and have fun! (If you do not have a printer, you can just watch the video)

                                                      Buddy’s Space Adventure

                                                        Buddy’s Jungle Adventure


Online classes

(Note: These are not organised by Clare LSP)

Step 1: Look at the table below and decide which class you would like to do.

Step 2: Follow the link to the provider –

Rinka Ireland

Yoga With Rosie

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