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Covid 19 – Exercise from home

Walk to Jog programme

Hey there. You are probably at home now a little bored or maybe stressed about exams etc? Did you know htat exercise is a great way of keeping good mental health, getting fit, passing some time etc. Maybe you are out walking and it is fantastic to see so many of you out exercising while maintaining social distancing. If you would like to take it up a notch, but at a slow, gentle and steady pace then this may be the programme for you.

Our sports development officer Pat Sexton has designed a programme to take complete beginners from walking to jogging 5km in just 8 weeks.

This programme is FREE and once you register you will be sent your podcast three times a week for you to complete at your leisure. It could even be completed indoors or in your garden by jogging on the spot.

This programme is designed to fit within your 2km radius of home.
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Follow the daily link below.
These will be updated a few days after those registered will get them.

DAY  1 –  DAY 2DAY 3 –  DAY 4DAY 5DAY 6  – DAY 7DAY 8DAY 9  

DAY 10 – DAY 11 – DAY 12 – DAY 13 – DAY 14 – DAY 15 – DAY 16 – DAY 17

DAY 18 – DAY 19 – DAY 20 – DAY 21 – DAY 22 – DAY 23 – DAY 24 – DAY 25

Create your own Fitness Challenge

We have developed some templates where you can download and create a fitness circuit / challenge. There is also a graphics card to show you how to complete some exercise. You can download the Create your own fitness challenge plan here 

Get Moving with Kasia

For the more energetic workout, why not join Kasia!

Exercise with Tracey

Get Active: Active Communities

The concept for active communities is to get communities involved in Sport and Physical Activities using the resources at their doorsteps. In the coming months, we will be looking at a number of communities to work with them to get Sport and Physical Activity accessible.If you think your community is up to the task, please give John Sweeney a call or email to discuss.

Women in Sport Leadership Programme

Welcome to Clare Sports Partnership first-ever Women in Sport Leadership Programme.  We are excited for you to join us on this journey. We have got the best of professionals on board to help you achieve your greatest potential as a female sports coach. This online coaching programme will be six months in duration, consisting of two workshops per month. You will be working with Nollaig from  on the dealing with stress, confidence/self-belief building and Andy from building your personal and team leadership qualities, thus unlocking your full potential. During the programme, you will get to shadow high-performance sporting environments and see how they operate. This is a unique opportunity to develop your sport coaching style and knowledge while creating a network of fellow female coaches to support each other. NBG courses fee is included in this programme. Sound like something you could benefit from, register your interest here.

Get Ireland Walking

Walking is the easiest way to get moving and get active and we are here to help get you started. We can provide you with advice on starting walking to feel better, and we have all the information you need to start a walking group – so you can get fit with friends. We also work with community groups within Clare who wish to come together to use the underutilised tracks and trails locally, while also reaping the benefits of green exercise.

Adventure Walk App

Through funding secured from Healthy Ireland and administered through LCDC & Clare County Council we have expanded the Adventure Walks Clare Smartphone App to 15 locations throughout the county. With 80 trails to choose from in the county there has never been a better opportunity to get out and get active with all the family. The App encourages parents and their children to walk or run up to 2km around the 15 venues, whilst playing a treasure hunt game.
The 80 trails featured on the free app include adventures designed for families with children aged between 6 and 14. Family friendly parklands, forests and beached from east to west of county Clare have up to 8 trails each. Trails are located at Killaloe, Flagmount, Lees Road – Ennis, Mountshannon, Dromore Woods, Lahinch, Kilrush and many more.
After choosing an ‘Adventure Walk’, players move within their real world surroundings, with their location showing on the game’s map by using your phone’s GPS. When a player encounters a map marker, a question appears. Answer 10 questions to complete a trai. So far Clare families have completed over 450 Adenture Walks, that’s 900km walked- the distance from Ennis to Paris! The trails app can be played in the following locations with some locations having a number of different trails (the number in brackets).
Lees Road (8) Killaloe (6) Spanish Point (2) Cratloe (6) Ballybeg (4) Lisdoonvarna (2) Kilrush (8) 12 O’Clock Hills (6) Mountshannon (8) Kilkee (2) Mooghaun Hilfort (8) Dromore (8) Flagmount (4) Lahinch (2) Lissycasey (6).
For Apple phones click this link to download the FREE app.
For Android phones click this link to download the FREE app.

Operation Get Clare Active

The programme will run in January 2020


These FREE weekly timed events take place every Saturday at 9.30am in up to 60 locations across the country. We have three locations within Clare – John O Sullivan Active Ennis Sports and Amenity Park, Lees Rd (Ennis), Clarisford Park (Killaloe), and Vandeleur Gardens (Kilrush). You can run, walk, stroll, or amble. Bring the kids, bring the buggies, you can even bring the dog! You can use chipped timing to help motivate you and increase fitness levels, or just enjoy the social aspect of the looped route. You MUST REGISTER in order to take part. Link –

Men on the Move

This community based programme helps develop opportunities, and encourages men of 50yrs + to participate in sport and physical activity. It aims to enhance provision in sport and physical activity for men who no longer participate in sport, providing them with access to diverse, fulfilling, and inclusive sporting opportunities. It assists in raising awareness of opportunities within the community, while also building on social inclusion, increasing participation levels of men in physical activity, and promoting access to less competitive sporting groups.

Meet and Train

If you are interested in progressing from walking to jogging/running then why not join one of the many local meet and train groups throughout Clare. Such locations include Ennis, Shannon, Tulla, Scariff, Carron, Sixmilebridge, Kilnaboy, Killaloe, and Lissycasey. Contact our office for more information.

Community Youth

Children and Young People need to be active in sports and physical activity for at least 60 Minutes, Every Day! Recent research as part of the 2018 Children’s Sport Participation and Physical Activity Study (CSPPA) found that only 17% of Primary Aged Children and only 10% of Post Primary Aged Children, meet this requirement. To help more children achieve this 60 minutes, parents and guardians need to encourage them to engage in diverse Sport and Physical activity opportunities.

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